blessing circle (also known as blessingway or mother blessing)

A blessingway is a traditional Navajo ceremony to celebrate important life passages. It is a great alternative to the typical baby shower. Out of respect for the Navajo people we draw from this beautiful ceremony to create a Blessing Circle. Blessing Circle ceremonies can be tailored to each individual's beliefs and ideology. The central theme remains the same, shower the birthing mother and baby with love and deep connection to other women and the earth.

Typically we begin the Blessing Circle by forming a circle, and welcoming mother and guests to the ceremony. We open the ceremony by burning sage (optional, of course) to clear the room and participants of negative energy or ideas about birth. Next, the mother receives a flowered crown for her head and receives an herbal foot bath and massage. We go around the circle and each woman strings a bead onto a necklace and offers a prayer/affirmation for the birth. This necklace can later be used as a source of strength and focus during labor. Last, we pass a roll of string around and each woman wraps it around her wrist. To close the ceremony we cut the string between each woman and they tie it into a bracelet. The women wear these bracelets until after the baby is born. After the ceremony we eat chat and have a good time!

Blessing Circles can be performed for the birthing mother alone or for her partner as well. I like to add songs to the ceremony to create positive energy, build community, and help smooth transitions between the pieces of the ceremony. An important aspect of the Blessing Circle is that it is not outcome-focused. The focus is on giving the mother the support and love she needs to draw on her own strength to travel her birth journey, whatever it may be.

If you are interested in having me facilitate your Blessing Circle please contact me for rates and availability.

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