VBAC and the Art of Letting Go, Part 3

We’ve been talking about how to get into the right frame of mind for having a VBAC.  Here are a few more tips:

Get determined. Believe you will have a VBAC. Stay away from naysayers or negative birth stories. When the well-meaning friend of relative starts to spew the negative story say “Thank you so much for your concern, but we are only listening to positive stories.” or “Thank you so much for your concern, we know you love us. I promise we have done our research and are making the best choice for our baby.”  Watch all the beautiful HBAC videos on YouTube.

Be open to the possibilities and stay flexible. You might have a super long labor or a fast and furious labor, it could be an orgasmic birth or you might scream the whole time. You could have back labor or you might smile and laugh the whole time. You might have the water birth you’ve dreamed of or you might need to get out of the tub. You might have a home birth or you might need to go to the hospital. Labor is a mystery and if you can surrender, you just might love the adventure of diving into the unknown.

Get exercise every day. Nothing crazy. Weight-lifting and jogging won’t get you a VBAC. A daily walk, yoga practice, or swimming are great ways to keep your body and mind in shape and relaxed.  Belly dancing and hula hooping are becoming more popular among pregnant women as well. Exercise is about more than physical health, it’s also about prioritizing yourself, getting in touch with your body, and reducing stress.

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I am a Licensed Midwife and doula/monitrice in Austin, TX and a very happy homeschooling mama to my two amazing children.
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