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Idaho Medicaid to Cover Licensed Midwives? How ’bout Texas?

In February, Texans for Midwifery, powered by over 100 midwives and consumers went to the Capitol to tell legislators how the state could save money and improve outcomes by covering the services of Licensed Midwives under the State’s Medicaid plan. … Continue reading

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VBAC and the Art of Letting Go, Part 1

As an ICAN chapter leader, and as a midwife, I give out lots of information on VBAC.  I tell women that the research shows us that VBAC is safer than Elective Repeat Cesarean (ERCS).  I recommend things like chiropractic care, … Continue reading

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Back to blogging…

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’ve finally decided to get it going again. I think my friends will be grateful for me to have a wider audience for my soapbox soliloquies. So if you’d like in on the fun, … Continue reading

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